The Ka'ba (Arabic الكعبة; also spelled al-Ka‘bah or Kaaba) is a small building located within the courtyard of al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Ka'ba is the holiest site in Islam; the Haram Mosque was built around it and because of it. The qibla, the direction Muslims face during prayer, is the direction facing the Ka'ba.

The Ka'ba houses the mysterious Black Stone, which was revered in Mecca in pre-Islamic times as well. It became a Muslim relic in the time of the Prophet Muhammad and pilgrims to Mecca try to stop and kiss it while circumambulating the Ka'ba during the hajj.

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Arabic: المسجد النبوي) or the Prophet's Mosque is a great mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. It stands on the site of a mosque built by the Prophet Muhammad himself next to his house and contains his tomb. The Prophet's Mosque is the second holiest mosque in the world after al-Haram in Mecca. (Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem comes in third.)

Al-Masjid al-Haram ("The Holy Mosque"; also known as al-Haram Mosque, Haram al-Sharif, Masjid al-Sharif and the Haram) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the holiest mosque in the world and the primary destination of the Hajj pilgrimage.

The mosque complex covers an area of 356,800 square meters and can accommodate up to 820,000 worshippers during the Hajj. The Holy Mosque is the only mosque that has no qibla direction, since Muslims pray facing the Ka'ba in the central courtyard

The intention for making Umrah:

He must say: O'Lord I intend to make Umrah please make it easy and accept it from me, and assist me for it. I wore Ihram for the sake of his Majesty Our Lord: Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaik, you who have no partners, Labbaik all Thanks and Gratitude and all the comfort and luxuries are from your majesty. And all belong to your throne, no partners with you.

Prayers upon entering Makkah Al-Mukarramah:

If the Pilgrim views Makkah houses, he has to say: In the name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful, Please God give me a residence in it, and provide me legal decent sustenance. Then if he looks towards the Honored Kaabah, He must say No God except One God thrice, and must say God is Greater thrice; and he must say there is no God but one God, to him thanks and gratitude and he has all the Supreme Power. I hereby seek the refuge of God of the House from (kufr) atheism and poverty. And from the torture in the grave. The "strained chest", bad temper. And Prayers of God and Peace upon our Prophet Mohammed and his family and apostles. O'Lord increase to your house more honor and generosity. Greatness, Respect, Loftiness and Piousness. And those who visit it for Umrah and gave greatness, honor generosity, give them more honor, generosity, greatness, respect, and loftiness and piety.

The Tawaf:

Tawaf (Walking around Kaabah) Seven rounds (Ashwat), Tawaf for Hajj Umrah, or (Wad'aa) which means bidding Farewell, starting with one of these intention, he has to kiss the Black Stone if possible, and not to cause any congestion, by pressing and pushing people, and he has to rise his hand saying: Bismillah – Allahu Akbar, Wallillahi Al Hamd which means: "in the name if God, God is greater and to Him Thanks and Gratitude.

Prayers of the first Round (Shawt):

(Subhan Allah Wla-Hamdul Lillah Wala Elah Allah, Wallahu Akbar, Walla Hawlla Wala Ghuwatah Ella Billah Alali'ee Al Azeem. Wasallat Wasallam Alla Rasoulu Allah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wasallum. O'God Imanun Bik ..wa tasdeeghan Bikiabik, wa Wafaan bihaadkia, Watiaan Li Suna Nabeyoka Wah Habibaka Mohammed Sallu Allahu Alayhi Wassalum.Allahuma Ini Asaalauka Al a\Afua Wal Muafaaa. Al-Daymeah Fi Al-Doyah Wal Akhira'a wAl fawzu Bill Jinnh wal fawzu Bil Jinnah, Wal Najatu Min alnaar. These means:-Glory to God, thanks to God, And thers is no God except one God. God is Greater. There is no power except the power of God and the Lofty and Majestic Great, and God's Prayers and Peace be on our Prophet". God Our faith in You, and believing in your Book, and fulfilling your promise, and in following your beloved Prophet's sunna, Mohammed (May God's Prayers and Peace Upon Him), O'God may I ask forgiveness, Good Health, and Soundness that are everlasting, in this world and in eternity, and to be the winner in Heaven and Safe from Hell. (La-Elah Ella Allah Wahdahu La Shareek Lahu Al Mulk Wa Lahu Al-Hamd Yohyee Wa Youmeet, Wahua Alla Kulli Sha'ein Khadeer. La-Elah Ella Allah La-Nabodou Ella-Eyah, Lahu al-Neimaat Walahu Al-Fadl, Walahu Althan'aa Al-Hassan, Walla Hawlla Walla Ghwat Ella Billahi, Allahum Inii Astakfiraak Li zani, Wasallak Rahmatak, Allahuma Zidni Elmaan, Wallatuzigh Ghalbi Baad is Hadayatani. Wahab Li Min Ladunka Rahmattan innaka Anta Al Whab) this is the Prayers in Arabic which must be said during Tawaf by the pilgrim or Umrah Performer. And he has to say "between the two corners "Rabanaa Atinaa Fi-donyah Hassanah Wa Fi Aal-KHirah Hassanah Wa Kinah Azaab Al-Naar, Wa Adkhilnah al-janaat Maa'a AlAbrrar, Birahmatak Ya aziz Ya Khaffaar., Yaa rab Al-Alameen;

Which means:-

There is no god except one God, He has no partner with Him, He has the whole wealth, and the Power, and domain to him is Thanks, He gives life and orders Death, and he is alive and Never Dies, and he is Capable of everything. There is no god except God, we worship only Him, and he has the charity. And great favour, and he deserves all the good praising and there is no power except His Power, O'god I repent from my sins, and I ask for you Mercy, O'God give me more knowledge, and do not deviate "my heart" after you guided me to the right way, and give me your Mercy, you are the Giver. And between the two corners, her has to say: O'God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world.

The prayers for the Second round:

Al-Shawt Al Thani in Arabic Language:- Allahuma Inna Haza Al Bayatta Baituka, Wal HArumaaka, Wal Ammu Ammaka, Wal Abdu Abdakaa, Wa Anna Abdukka Ibn Abdu kka. Haza Magham A Al-Aeiz Bika Mina Annar, Fahrem Luhomana Wa Bishratana Alla Annar. Allahuma Habib Elayna Al-Iman Wa Zainahou fi Gholobina, Wa KAreh ilayana Al-Kufr, Wal Fosouk Wal Eisyan. Wa Ajalana Mina Al-Rashidin. Allahuma ghini Azaabak youma Tabathu Ebadak. Allahuma Orzoghni Al-Janata Bekhairi Hessab, Al-Hamdu Lilahi Allazi Ata'amana, wasghana, wa Kaffanah, Wa-awanah > Be esmaka Allahuma Wadatu Janbi, Wa-beka Arfa'ouho fa-eza Amsakta Nafsi Fa-Arhamaha, Wa-in Arsaltha Fa-ahfazaha bema Tahfaz Ebadaka Al-Salihin, Subhana Allah Wa-Alhamdu-llelah, Wa la-Elaha Ella Allah, Wallahu Akbar. Allahuma Ghini Azaabak yaouma Tabathu Ebadaak. Astaghfir Allah Allazi La-Elaah Ela Howa Al-Hay Al-Ghayoum, Wa atoub Elaihi

The prayers for the Third Round:

O'God I take refuge in thee from doubt, Discord, and hypocrisy, Bad Temper, Bad appearance, reverse status in money, the family and the child, O'God I ask for your content and for Heaven, and I take refuge into thee from your anger and Hell. oGod I atke refuge into thee from the torture in the grave, and torture in living and in death. O'god I surrender myself to Thee, and I directed my face towards Thee, and all my issues are assigned to you, and resorted my back to you, in fear and desire, there is no refuge and safety from you unless I direct myself to you. I have believed in your Book which you revealed. So God Do not let me be in need to anyone other than yourself. The side of my head is in your hand, I entrusted myself into thee, And to you I turned back into repentance. You are my higher God, as there is no God except Yourself. Your Lofty self, Glory to You Do not assign me to others. Then he has to repeat the prayers between the two corners: “O’God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world."

Prayers for the fourth round:

God Please make it a pious Hajj and Sa'ei with gratitude, and a forgiven sin, and a good accepted deed. And not a stagnant trade. You know what is in the chests; please take me off from darkness to light. O'God I ask you about the obligations of Your Mercy, and the Willingness of your Pardoning, to be safe from every wrongdoing, and to win from every sanctimonious action, and to be triumphant in Heaven Garden. And to be safe from Hell. O'God let me be convinced for the sustenance which you donated to me. And bless me for what you offered to me. And to recompense for every what is concealed with you, with benevolence. There is not but One God, without a partner He owns all the Power and Wealth and Gratitude for Him. And He is capable of everything. Gratitude and Glory be to God, There is not but One God, god is Greater, and there is no power except that of God. O'God I committed grievance against myself, Please forgive me because You are the forgiver the most Merciful. Grave sins will not be forgiven except by the Great God. I request forgiveness from the Great God, where there is not another god except Him, Heis the Great Living and the Master over the creation, and I am penitent for Him. Then he has to repeat the prayers between two corners: " O'God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world."

The Prayers for the fifth Round:

O' God give me shelter under the Shade of your Throne, on the Day when there is no shade except yours. And when nothing remains except your "Face", and quench me from the Basin of your Prophet our Master Mohammed (Prayers of God and Peace be upon him), a sip of pleasant water that fills me after which we will not feel any thirst, forever. O''God I ask you for the best of what our Prophet, Mohammed (Prayers of God and Peace be upon him) and your pious worshippers. And I take refuge in you from every evil that our Prophet Mohammed (Prayers of God and Peace Be upon Him) has taken refuge into you, and your pious worshippers. God request from you Heaven and its comfort and luxuries, and what make me close to it in saying deed, or action. And I take refuge in you from Hell and what makes me close to it in saying, deed, or action. And there is no god except God, He is alone without any partner, He has the domain, Power and Wealth, Gratitude to Him, and he is capable for everything. God is my Benefactor, and there is no god except him, to whom I am dependent, and he is the God of the Great Throne. Glory be to be God, and Gratitude for him, according to Weight of his Throne and His Self – satisfaction, the number of his creation, and the ink for His Words, and His endless Mercy. O'God Give us a virtue in the world and in Eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, O'god give us from you a Mercy, and give us guidance in our matters. Forgive our sins, and cover our vices, and let our deaths to be with the pious people. Then he has to repeat the famous prayers between the two corners: “O’God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world."

The prayers for the Sixth round:

O'God you have many Rights upon me, and other rights between me and your creation, O'God for your Rights please pardon me, and for the rights of your creation, please tolerate it instead of myself. And enrich me with your good sustenance instead of the evil sustenance, you who have all the wide Forgiveness. O'God your House is great, your Face is Kind, O'God You are Paitent, Discerning and Generous. And great, you like forgiveness, please forgive me. God do not deviate our hearts after you conducted us to the straightway. And give us mercy you are the donator. O'God let our consequences be the best and protect us from the disgrace in the world and the torture in the eternity. God lead us to our guidance, and protect us from our vices, and the worst of our deeds. 'God we ask you Guidance, Piety, purity and richness, so please God accomplish to us our hopes, and forgive us all our sins at the Day of Reckoning. Then he has to repeat the famous prayers between the two corners: “O’God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world."

The prayers for the seventh round:

O'God I ask your Majesty full faith, Truthful trust, and wide sustenance, and a humble heart, And a praying tongue, And virtuous ownership, and final and sincere penitence. And penitence before death, and comfort after death, and forgiveness and mercy after death, forgiveness at the reckoning day, and to be the writer in Heaven, and to be safe from Hell, by your Great Mercy You are the Great high Ranking and the forgiver. God give me more knowledge and send me with the pious worshippers. God for give my sin, and remove the anger of my heart and protect me from the misleading tortures as far as you keep me in this world. O'God open my heart for belief and facilitate my matters. O'God protect me from your torture when you resurrect your creation, and send me with the pious people, O'god I hope for your Mercy do not leave alone to myself even within a move of an eyelid. And improve to me all of my matters in the world and in eternity. There is no god except you the honored and the Giver. And he has to repeat the famous prayers between the two corners: " O'God give us worldly favor, and favor in eternity, and protect us from Hell's torture, and accept us in Heaven, with the pious by your Mercy, O' Powerful Forgiving God of the whole world."

It is seven circuits, if he is in Ihram, for the glory and Your Majesty of God, he has to ascend the stairs of Safa and he has to face the House (Al-Kaa'ba). He has to say God is Greater, God is Greater, God is Greater and Gratitude to God.

Prayer of Al-Multazam (The door of honored K'aabah)

O'God the owner of the Ancient House, free our necks, and the necks of our parents and brothers and children, from Hell, O'God of Generosity and Kindness, grace, charity. And benevolence. O'god make good consequences for all our matters. O'God I am your slave, son of your slave, I am standing under your door catching hold of your door sills, humbling between Your Hands, hoping for your Mercy, I fear your torture, You are of Old Charity, O'God, I ask you to raise me name and to put down my sin burden, to illuminate my grave, and to forgive me and I request from you the elevated places in Heaven. O'God I ask by Mercy which have covered everything to forgive my sins, and to have mercy on me you are the Forgiver and the Merciful. O'God accept this from us You are the Listener and the Knowledgeable. You are the living You are the Master of everything (Ghayom) For your mercy I seek Help, You have he Majesty and the Kindness and Generosity, You are the listener for the prayers, You have the broad Charity, and Donations. You are the owner of all the Domain, wealth and power. You are capable for everything, You are responsive for the supplication for those who are under obligation, if he prays and calls for you and prayers for God be to our Master Mohammed and His Family, and Apostles All of them.

Prayers on Ibrahim (Peace BeUponHim) place

O'God You know my secret, and my explicitness, please accept my apologies, and You my needs please give me what I ask, And You know what is in myself please forgive me, god I ask you faith to cover my heart, and real trust and assurance by which I will know that has occurred to me was only written in my fate and destiny. You are my Support and Parton in the world and eternity. With my satisfaction, for what you have given me in the world and in eternity. Allow me to die as A Moslem and send me with pious people. O'God do not leave in this pure blessed place any sin for us and you have forgiven it, and any worry and burden and you have relieved us from it, or distress or debt until you relive us from it. And a son until youled him to right way. Nor Thou will leave a wrongdoer unless you break his back. Nor a jealous man unless you defeat him. Or an enemy unless you send him on his heals, and to retreat back. Or for any traveler unless you return him safely and soundly. Or who is away from his place, until you assist him to come back. Or a sick person until you cure him. OR a dead person until you bestow Your Mercy upon him. Nor any need in this world or eternity for us which we covet, and is in our favor and you are satisfied, You achieve it for us, and make easy for us, and blessed it also. O'God accept from us our rites You the listener and the Knowledgeable, and Forgive us You are the Forgiver and Merciful. O'God Pray on our Master Mohammed and on his family and Apostled All of them. And he has to pray for what he wants.

Upon arrival at Jeddah Airport, our representative will welcome and transport you to your hotel in Makkah. We will help your check-in to your hotel. After some rest, Insha’Allah, you can begin with the performance of your Umrah rituals.

Proceed to perform the remainder of your Umrah Rituals.

Insha’Allah, early in the morning, you will be transported by your private car/air-conditioned bus to Jeddah Airport for your return flight home.

A passport valid for atleast 6 (Six) months from the application date

Resident Visa valid for atleast 6 (Six) months

2 (Two) recent passport sized photographs with white background. Ladies should cover their hair in the photograph

No Objection Letter from the Sponsor in Arabic

Inoculation Certificate against meningitis and seasonal influenza, which is to be taken atleast 14 days before departure

Pilgrims who have Non-Islamic names must have a certificate or a letter from The Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam

Note: Non-Omani females who would like to travel for Umrah must have (Muhrim) OR must be above 45 years in age.

  • All rates are valid till 31st December 2017
  • The rates are applicable for a minimum of 02 adults travelling together at all times
  • The rates are subject to availability of hotel accommodation and sightseeing tours at the time of booking.
  • We reserve the right to use an alternate hotel accommodation of an equal or higher standard. If we source a more expensive alternative, we reserve the right to re-quote based on the higher rates
  • We do not hold any airline blocks / hotel blocks for this package
  • Prices are not valid during Trade Fair Periods/ High Seasons/ Festive Seasons
  • International check in time is 1400hrs/check out time is 1200hrs. Early check in and checkout is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed
  • Tours on seat in coach basis start from designated point. Clients have to make their own way to the departure point
  • Transfers, wherever included are without night surcharges. (Extra charge for arrival between 1900hrs and 0700hrs)
  • No refunds either in part or in full will be made for any unutilized service
  • Rates are subject to change for clients travelling during weekends
  • Travel Point LLC is not responsible for any change in the price due to factors not in the control of the organization

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