Australia is up on everybody’s travel bucket list and with good reason. The country’s outback and 
fantastic beaches can be easily reached from cosmopolitan cities and its natural wonders are 
both at the heart of the country and its shores. Rock formations change color, whales, sharks and 
dolphins swim and Australia is beautiful with one of the world’s most scenic coastal roads.

We Recommend 
Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, the 
world’s largest reef and swim with 
whales, sharks and dolphins in Western 

Visit the iconic Uluru and learn about 
Australia’s aborigine culture

Take a self-driven holiday with your 
family in a campervan

Visit gorgeous cities like Sydney, 
Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

Get an unforgettable experience in the 
wilderness of Tasmania and Kangaroo 
Island and see the Tasmanian devil, an 
animal unlike any you’ve seen before

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Best Time To Visit
June - September



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