A safari acionado’s heaven, Kenya is home to some of the largest, most beautiful national parks 
and reserves with rolling plains and wilderness stretching beyond the eyes gaze. Big cats jump 
and dash across the Kenyan sun while elephants and rhinos take lazy baths in serene waters. 
Possessing a blessed coastline with swaying palms, Kenya will only bring you delight!

We Recommend 
See The Great Migration and Savannah 
Plains of Masai Mara

Get a view of traditional Swahili style 
buildings on Lamu Island

Run with wildebeest in Amboseli 
National Park

Shop for some East African relics in the 
capital Nairobi

See splinter-like rock formations at 
Hell’s Gate National Park

Soak in a melee of Swahili, Portuguese 
and Arab influences in the bubbling 

See the Vasco da Gama Pillar in the 
small town of Malindi

See rare birds descend on Lake Nakuru

Marvel at the curious architecture of 
Kisumu Town Clock

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Best Time To Visit
July – August







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