Heart shaped and rightly so, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect conglomeration of eastern 
and western civilizations, as its history depicts. Visit a country where you’ll experience the 
Ottoman era and be humbled by the history of World War I all in one vacation.

We Recommend 
Watch the Lasva river bubble through 

Visit Jahorina, a former host of the 
Winter Olympics

Experience Sarajevo’s newfound growth 
and celebrate at a Jazz Fest

Look down at the Trebisnjica River Valley 
as you scale down the remnants of 
Klobuk Fortress

Watch the Wooden Watermills in Stolac

See the arched Old Bridge of Mostar

Watch the Kravice Falls tumble

Read at the country’s most prominent 
literary festival in Tuzla

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Best Time To Visit
April – June



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