Harmoniously combining the old and new Hong Kong is known for its unique capacity of drawing 
a balance between its 5000 years of Chinese traditions and 156 year of British influence that 
looks unwaveringly towards the future. With every visit, Hong Kong transforms, making it an 
incredibly dynamic place to be in.

Unique Experiences
Shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, a major shopping 
district in Kowloon in southern Hong 

Discover the New Territories of Hong 
Kong, a region of wetlands between 
Kowloon and mainland China

Gorge on yum cha and dim sum Hong 
Kong style

Connect with your spirituality when you 
visit the Tian Tan Buddha

Hike the Hong Kong trail

See Hong Kong’s oldest temple Man Mo

Relax with some congee, milk tea and 
French toast at a dai pai dong for 

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Best Time To Visit
October - December







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