Japan and its culture, with startling contrasts yet a balanced harmony, makes it an incredible 
holiday destination. Tokyo, with its futuristic neon lit streets, Michelin star restaurants and quirky 
pop culture standing next to Kyoto’s timeless traditions, geisha districts, and temple gardens 
makes Japan a place you absolutely cannot miss. Discover the haunting history of Hiroshima and 
soak in the beauty of the Japanese Alps as you plan to visit one of the most beautiful countries in 
the world.

We Recommend 
Honor the Shinto God Inari as you walk 
through the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine

Grab some fresh seafood at the Tsukiji 
Market in Tokyo

See the Kinkakuji temple in all its 
splendor with a rising sun

Go crazy in Universal Studios Japan

Participate in a Sacred Tea Ceremony

See Mt. Fuji from the mountainous 
village of Hakone

Enjoy the Sorakuen Garden with a bite 
of Kobe’s renowned beef

Grab a beer at Sapporo’s famous Beer 

Don’t miss the blooming Cherry 
Blossoms in March and April

Dare taking a ride on that bullet train?

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March - May









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